Training in Industrial Risk Management

Romanian-Serbian cross-border area MIS ETC CODE 1416
Prioritary axis: 3 Promoting “People To People” Exchanges
Measure: 3.3 Increase educational, social cultural and sporting exchanges
Partners number: 2
Project start date: 20.10.2015
Project end date: 19.10.2016

About the project

The project T-IRM belongs to the Romania-Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, in line with the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1085/2006, establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

This project is a contribution to the strategic goal of the IPA Programme to achieve a more balanced sustainable socio-economic development of the cross- border area, by means of promoting the know-how for an efficient exploitation of certain resources of the region.

In the business world the expression "time is money" is memorable. When it comes to risk, we must keep in mind that "risk is money". Risk management is one of the main ways to optimize the activities of stakeholder's power equipment, chemical, petrochemical and other industrial equipment and facilities. Thus, by managing industrial risk the SMEs account significant savings of resources, streamline their activities and therefore increasing the overall competitiveness of the economy in the border area is achieved.

T-IRM project have also a significant role on implementation of strategically objective regarding to improvement the quality of life for communities in cross-border area, since in case of technological accidents the pollutants don't take into consideration the borders and can affect the regional ecosystem and the life of communities from the border area.

By joint preparation and development of training courses in Industrial Risk Management, project sustains the social cohesion and economic strengthening in cross-border region, it stimulate joint development of skills and knowledge through cooperation between internationally recognized education body in order to increase the population with qualifications received due to educational exchanges activity. The main aim of the project is to supports improvement of people preparedness to find necessary and qualified jobs (active unemployed persons, persons looking for the 1st job, recycling of employed qualified personnel). Project support also increasing the contacts between people from both side of the border by joint dissemination of the project activity and results in Romania and Serbia.

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National Research & Development Institute for Welding and Material Testing - ISIM, Mihai Viteazul Bd., No. 30, Post Code 300222, Timisoara, Timis, Romania.

Founded in 1970, ISIM Timisoara is a centre of scientific and technical competence in the field of welding and material testing. ISIM Timişoara is the successor of the Romanian welding and material testing schools created in Timişoara, a university centre with tradition in the scientific research. As a scientific institution nationally and internationally acknowledged representative of Romania to the International Institute of Welding (IIW), ISIM implemented a quality system in compliance with ISO 9001 for all its fields of activity, a system certified by TÜV CERT.

ISIM Timişoara is a R&D institute having over 40 years of experience in the field of inspection for industrial installations and equipment. As a scientific institution nationally and internationally acknowledged representative of Romania to the International Institute of Welding, having main competence in scientific research, technological development, technological transfer, inspections of material and products and last but not least in training, qualification and certification.

The ISIM expert also performs activity related to risk management and risks based inspection for industrial equipment and they are deeply involved in the training process.

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ARK - Partner 2 (P2)

The main objective of the Asocijacije za Razvoj Kladova (Association for Development of Kladovo) is to implement programs for the development of civil society and economic development that mobilizes citizens to engage in improving the quality of life in order to achieve positive social and economic changes in Kladovo. Asocijacija za Razvoj Kladova has set a goal of planning, organizing and participating in projects of public importance. It also participated in a number of trade shows and promotions, aiming to promote himself, Kladovo and all citizens. The main goal was to participate in projects related to environmental protection, agriculture, and encouraging youth participation in projects.

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National R & D Institute for Welding and Material Testing – ISIM Timisoara

Association for Development of Kladovo

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