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tima 12 papers

Cramer H., Böhme D., Baum L., Dudziak M
Overview of modern arc processes and their metal transfer methods in the case of GMA welding
J. Dobránszky, P. Nagy, T. Kovács
Developments in copper to copper micro-welding technologies
D. D. Cioclov
Simulation of structural materials behavior. From nano- to macro-scale
M. Truşculescu
Engineering and actual society
P. Sejč, J. Belanová, R. Kubiček
Structure of aluminium - zinc coated steel joints made by plasma arc brazing
C. Truţă, V. Boboc, D. Doanţă
Dissimilar joints for nuclear equipments and intrumentation
E. H. Cayo, S. C. A. Alfaro
Real-time assessment of the stability of metal transfer in GMAW-S process based on arc emissions
G. Melcioiu, V.-A. Şerban, C. Codrean, F. M. Cornea, D. Buzdugan
New solders with Sn-based alloys elaborated by melt-spinning method for electronic components soldering
R. Cojocaru, L. Boţilă, C. Ciucă, H. Daşcău
Contributions to the development of friction stir welding process (FSW)
C. Florea, V. Florea, A. Drescher, G. Praporgescu
Possibilities of spray hardening tool displacement of rocks
R. Boboescu, P.-V. Glod, C. Dorohoi
Analysis of striations on the inner cut surface in oxygen assisted laser cutting
F.-M. Cornea, V.-A. Şerban, C. Codrean, G. Melcioiu, D. Buzdugan
The obtaining and characterization of amorphous alloy in ribbons form used for brazing of advanced materials
A.-V. Bîrdeanu
Contribution to laser material processing
V. Verbiţchi, N.-A. Sîrbu, C. Toma, I.-A. Perianu
Regenerative energy sources applicable to joining processes
D.-R. Pascu, M. Vlaia, R. Roşu, N.-A. Sîrbu
Structural and mechanical characterization of S355J2 weldable steel from the plan safety gate construction - PdF1 Dr Tr Severin
S. Petronic, A. Milosavljevic, A. Sedmak, B. Grujic
Surface profilometry of laser welded Nimonic 263 sheets
E. Sotja, D. Sotja, G. Nardoni, P. Nardoni
Acoustic emission testing to measure the velocity of signal propagation in bar type welded structures by guided wave
D. Böhme, H. CramerActivities of the Research and Development Department SLV Munich
M. Truşculescu, D.R. Pascu, R.A. Roşu, I. Cireş
Research on profile aging from the supporting structure of ERC 1400 excavators from coal pits
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