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tima 11 papers

J. Piquer, D. Velardo, I. López
The training and qualification of personel involved in the adhesives field
M. Prokolab, Z. Milutinovic, N. Markovic, D. Jovanovic, M. Prvulovic, J. Ignjatovic, I. Vasovic
Diagnosing stress state on the welded structure P frame of rotary excavator obtained by thermography and tensometry and fracture mechanics method
E. Huanca Cayo, S.C. Absi Alfaro
Short circuit GMA welding process quality assessment based on electric arc acoustic emissions
D.D. Cioclov
On failure risk simulation in pressure vessels and pipe systems. Static Analysis.
H. Cramer
Joining in the automotive industrie - special know how in SLV Munich
H. Cramer, D. Böhme, A. Jenicek
Causes of hydrogen embrittlement in the case of drawn-arc stud welding
A. Alil, B. Katavić, M. Ristić, D. Jovanović, M. Prokolab, S. Budimir, M. Kočić
Structural and mechanical properties of different hard welded coatings for impact plate for ventilation mill
K. Gombos, H. Daşcău
Usage of aluminium at realization of current conductors
K. Colic, S. Petronic, A. Sedmak, A. Milosavljevic, Z. Kovacević
Laser welding process of stainless steel used for biomedical applications
S. Petronic, A. Milosavljevic, D. Milanovic, B. Grujic, V. Grabulov
Picosecond laser surface hardening of welded Nimonic 263 sheets
R. Gabor, R. Cojocaru, C. Ciucă, L. Boţilă
Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding of EN AW 6082 – EN AW 5083 aluminium alloys
A.V. Bîrdeanu, C. Ciucă, M. Iacob
Pulsed LASER-TIG hybrid welding of coated unalloyed steel thin sheets
A. Živković, M. Mijajlović, H. Daşcău, A. Sedmak, I. Radisavljević, D. Milčić, D. Veljić
Influence of the welding tool’s geometry on productivity of friction stir welding process
H. Daşcău, A. Sedmak, M. Rakin, D. Veljić, M. Perović, B. Medjo, N. Bajić
Numerical simulation of the plunge stage in friction stir welding – different tools
G. Buyukildirim, A. Sedmak, R. Prokić-Cvetković, O. Popović, V. Grabulov, R. Jovicić, M. Burzić
Advanced GMAW of AlMg4,5Mn alloy using different mixture of gases
C. Isarie, C. Bokor, S. M. Itu, M. Wienecke
About some energies which could be applied in joining processes
I. Voiculescu; V. Geantă; H. Binchiciu
Research regarding the reconditioning of active components of agricultural equipment
S.V. Savu
Microwave Activation Process for Eutectic Microjoining
V. Verbiţchi
Compared characteristics of the overlaying processes
V. Tsakiris, E. Enescu, M. Lungu, M. Lucaci, D. Savu, V. Marinescu, F. Albu, G. Alecu, D. Patroi
Al-Al2O3 metallic composites consolidated by spark plasma sintering
R. Boboescu
Application of full factorial design for defocusing effects in laser welding
M. Cocard
Design of experiments and nonlinear modelling to determine optimum conditions for welding thermoplastic pipes
R. Cojocaru, L. Boţilă, C. Ciucă
Friction stir welding behaviour of S420MC steel
C. Voican, C. Stănescu
Solid-state diffusion bonding
L. Boţilă, R. Cojocaru, C. Ciucă
Characteristics of friction stir welding tools for high hardness materials
D.R. Pascu, R.A. Roşu, S. Drăgoi
Welding behaviour of W1.4301 alloyed steel from the construction of the flat welded table cutting meat from food industry
H. Binchiciu, D.R. Pascu, E. Binchiciu
Research on the accomplishment of lanthanides microalloys for loading by welding
C. Voican, C. Stănescu
Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) diffusion bonding
P. Câneparu
A new method to obtain the diploma of International Welding Engineer (IWE) by distance learning
D. Savu, L. Domuţa
New developments in the european system for qualification and certification in the field of the thermoplastics' welding
Aurel Gaşpar
Certificarea personalului sudor, a personalului NDT şi calificarea procedurilor de sudare în domeniul reglementat al recipientelor sub presiune – Directiva PED/97/23/EC
Zlatibor Ieremici
Cerinţe pentru evaluarea conformităţii şi cerinţe tehnice pentru execuţia structurilor de oţel şi aluminiu conform EN 1090
Alina Gabrian, Marius Oproiu
Implementarea şi certificarea unui sistem de management al calităţii la sudare conform Directivelor EWF
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