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tima 10 papers

Dilthey, U.
Key technologies welding and joining
Middeldorf, K.
Trends in joining technology - Value added by welding technology
Jessop, T.
The special importance of personnel competence in welding fabrication
Cerjak, H.
Aspects on the joinability for advanced designs
Scotti, A.
Fundamentals and descriptions of plasma jet formation, arc trajectory and arc magnetic blow as a mean of facing correlated welding problems
Cioclov, D. D.
Integrated simulation of mechanical behavior of metallic materials. From nano- to macroscopic scale.
Pedrosa, N., Quintino, L.
Advanced ultrasonic system for improved efficiency in pipelines inspection
Tóth, L.Role of engineers and economists in safety issues of the technical-economical life
Spiegel-Ciobanu, V.E.
Welding fume - Risk assessment and preventive measures
Pilarczyk, J., Banasik, M.
Laser welding centre at the Polish Welding Institute. Possibilities, investigations and application.
Dobránszky, J., Magasdi, A., Havasi, L., Buza, G.
Laser technology based production of woodworking bandsaw blades
Zech, F., Cramer, H., Appel, L., Serve, M.
Orbital friction welding of metallic materials and dissimilar material joints on non-rotationally symmetrical joining cross-sections
Markocsan, N. – Sweden, Vuoristo, P.
Overview of thermal spray activities in the European Nordic countries
Delamarian, C.
Welding applications in the field of power equipment maintenance
Babcsán, N., Beke, S., Tóth, L.
Metal foams
Wolter, B., Jene, T., Conrad, C., Dobmann G.
New NDT-approaches to monitor the friction stir welding process and to inspect the welding quality
Manescu, A., Fiori, F., Calbucci, V., Acerra, F., Campanile, G.
Non-destructive testing of specimens obtained by friction stir welding for aeronautical applications
Rosado, T., Quintino, L., Moll, F.
Innovation in teaching methodologies in welding - Distance learning tool for welding engineering
Stav, J.B., Thorseth, T.M., Engh, E.
Experience of implementing new tools for stimulating the users participation in the education process of welding personnel
Piquer, J., Lopez, I.
The use of new technologies in the welding training field
Aburuga, T., Sedmak, A., Sedmak, S., Adziev, G., Hut, I.
Finite element simulation of cracked weldments – the effect of under- and overmatching
Amza, G., Balaceanu M. A., Amza C.
Theoretical research throught matematical simulations of the ultrasonic welding process of piezoceramic discks
Mateiu, H., Oancă, O., Paşca, N.
The finite elements simulation in ultrasonic welding processes with variable ultrasonic amplitude in copper alloys
D. Veljic, M. Perović, B. Medjo, M. Rakin, A. Sedmak, H. Daşcău
Thermo-mechanical modelling of friction stir welding
Codrean, C., Şerban, V.A., Stoian, C.
New technology for brazing stainless steels with copper based amorphous alloys
Kutin, M., Ristic, S., Puharic, M., Vasovic,I., Prokolab, M.
Testing of butt welded thin steel sheet by classical method and thermography
Sotja, E., Gjonaj, M., Sotja, Dh.
Generation and analyze of guided waves dispersion curves applicable to ultrasonic tests in plate structures
Cosso, G. L., Servetto, C.
Application of the Omega Method (API 579-1/ASME FFS-1) to the life assessment of a service exposed component and possible, further investigations on welded joints creep behavior
Medjo, B., Rakin, M., Gubeljak, N., Predan, J., Čolić, K., Sedmak, A.
Assessment of ductile fracture initiation in welded joints with two weld metals
Gligorijević, B., Milutinović, Z., Jovanović, D., Prokolab, M., Prvulović, M., Katavić, B., Kutin, M.
Macro- and micro-structure properties of steel welded joints produced by TIG and laser/arc hybrid welding process
Petronic, S., Milosavljevic, A., Sedmak, A., Grujic, B., Colic, K.
Microstructural changes in laser welded joint of Nimonic 263 alloy
Ristic, S., Kutin, M., Gligorijevic, B., Milutinovic, Z.
Microstructure of the steel welding joint surface in the as-welded state hit by a ruby laser beam
Prokić-Cvetković, R., Popović, O., Sedmak, A., Bukvić A.,, Milosevic, M.,Jovicic, R.
The influence of welding process on mechanical properties and microstructure of microalloyed steel weldments
Sedmak, A., Grabulov, V., Abukhres, C., Eramah, D., Sedmak, S.
Mechanical and non-destructive testing role in weldment integrity assessment
Younise, B., Rakin, M., Medjo, B., Sedmak, A.
Local approach for prediction of ductile fracture initiation in welded specimens
Tawengi, A.S., Sedmak, A., Grabulov, V., Mitrovic, N. - Serbia
Weldability and cold cracking problems in NA-XTRA M70 steel
Maneski, T., Nagiar, H., Allaboudi, E., Radakovic, Z., Sedmak, A.
Structural analysis of supporting welded steel structure (GAZELA bridge)
Minescu, M., Ulmanu, V., Dumitrescu, A., Zisopol, D.
Modernization of the jointing systems of copper pipes intended for use within natural gas installations
Gombos, K.
Applying new welding technologies to realize current conductors
Burcă,M., Liţă, M., Moisă, R., Medgyesi, T.
TIG riveting of a temperature sheath microprobe
Bîrdeanu, V., Porojan, S., Sandu, L.
Heterogeneous pulsed laser joints for applications in combined dentures technology
Tsakiris, V., Cristinel, I., Marinescu, V., Rosu, R., Popa, M., Chirita, I.
Pivots for magnetical fixing of dental prosthesis obtained by diffusion welding technique
Boboescu, R.
Characteristics of laser welds made on the carbon steel plates
Neagu, D., Kappel, W.
Attainment of hardened structures on preselected zones of a piece by new solutions and modern systems integrated on electron beam equipment
Cojocaru, R., Dehelean, D., Boţilă, L., Ciucă, C.
Friction stir welding behaviour of Al 7075 aluminium alloy
Truşculescu, M.
The tempering parameter effect on the mechanical characteristics of the quenched steels
Vaida-Simiti, I., Jumate, N., Geantă, V., Voiculescu, I., Binchiciu, H., Iepure, G.
Researches on the development of materials for electrodes used in welding processes
Fleşer, T.
The quality assessment of welded parts subjected to fatigue loaded in aeronautic system
Pascu, D.R., Pascu, M., Roşu, R.
Characterization of butt welded joints of 16Mo3 steel structural and mechanical rehabilitated
Popescu, M.
"Advanced materials joining" - study subject within "Welding engineering" specializion
Hulka, I., D. Uţu, D., Şerban, V.A.
Comparison between the wear resistance behavior of WC-CoCr coatings deposited by different HVOF torches
Ştefănescu, A., Ştefănescu, I., Soare, A., Oancă, O.
Shape memory alloy NiTi assemblies using ultrasonic welding
Verbiţchi; V., Cojocaru, R., Boţilă, L.
Requirements and possibilities of the ecological welding processes
Sebeş, G., Savu, D., Savu, S.
Evolution of HV hardness in eutectic micro-joining section obtained with organic solder alloy
Ioan Ban
Requirements for conformity assessment and technical requirements for execution of steel and aluminum structures according to EN 1090
Zlatibor Ieremici
Certification of welding manufacturer of railway vehicles and their sub-assemblies according to EN 15085
Aurel Gaspar
Requirements for a management system of quality, environment, health and safety in welding, according to the EWF directives
Horia Daşcău
Certification of welding coordination personnel according to the International Institute of Welding (IIW) guidelines
Marius Cocard
Qualification and certification at European level of the executive personnel from the railway domain - European project RAILSAFE
Andreea Bobic
Simulator for MIG/MAG welding
Arne Roos
FSW process variants
Morelia Renteria
Microstructure and properties of FSW joints
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