Year: 2015
Country: Portugal/ Spain/ Belgium/ Romania/ Italia
Project number: 2015-1-ES01-KA202-015829

The main objective of the Lasertech project is to provide the guidelines to develop harmonized courses within technological areas representing “hot spots” for the industry, dealing with welding. The project will contribute for promoting the transparency of qualifications and competences in technological areas such as laser welding, by valuing and developing training and qualification courses mutually recognized in European countries.

As main tasks, the project will:

  • adapt the EWF guidelines for laser welding process training and qualification;
  • create a new curriculum based on the guidelines in order to contribute to solve the problem of lack of harmonized and qualified technical figures;
  • development of didactic and evaluation materials for personnel training in the field of laser welding (course support) in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian;
  • implementation of pilot courses that will be attended by specialists from industry in each partner country;

Lasertech partnership includes:


EU-Programme: Erasmus +, Strategic Partnerships
Coordination: CESOL (Spain)
Contact: Valentin Bīrdeanu -
Duration: September 2015 - August 2017
Website: under development