• modelling the FSW process and creating a  new complex model of the process in thermal coupled field, mechanical and structural

  • optimising of the processing tool

  • research of wear processes at the interaction of the working tool with the material and defining a new method to determine this

  • research/optimising of the welding process,  conceiving and realising a new driving/moving system  with possibilities to use in robot welding

  • research on the base material reaction to the FSW process and determine the welding technological conditions of some materials and material combinations (metallic matrix composite materials, high strength steels,   certain aluminium alloys, combinations of materials such as steel-aluminium, composite material-aluminium) and  the elaboration of innovative and ecological welding technologies

  • development of  new methods for welding materials  presenting high hardness, impossible to be welded at present, by assisting the FSW process with an external heat source (laser or electric arc)

  • research on the mechanisms to produce imperfections specific  to the FSW process and the elaboration of  new control methods  using the phase array technique ultrasound  combined with thermographic control,  conceiving and  achieving a  monitoring and control system of the welding process  with a  technological data base and soft to  select welding parameters

  • evaluating the FSW joining possibilities of elements  with complex geometric configurations

  • analysis of static and dynamic  behaviour of FSW welded structures and  elaboration of new design concepts specific for them

  • research on possibilities to modify the characteristics of materials by FSW processing and the elaboration of an original  method and technology  to recondition some material defects through FSW processing

  • substantiate under technical and economical aspect some potential applications of the FSW processing in top industrial sectors.




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