Welding processes modelling” Seminar, 20.04.2007

In 20.04.2007, at „Dunarea de Jos” University from Galati, was organised  the „Welding processes modelling” Seminar, into the CEEX 66/2006 project „Innovative and ecological technologies  to process advanced materials by friction stir welding - TIPMAV”. At the Seminar  were participated the partners representative – ISIM Timisoara, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Dunarea de Jos University of Galati and ICTCM Bucuresti, as well as other welding specialists of the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Transilvania University of Brasov and ICEPRONAV Galati.

At the Seminar were presented the following scientifical communications :

  • Dan Birsan 3D  Thermal field and remanents stresses modelling for butt, metal-arc welding joints with filler metal deposition

  • Bogdan Radu, Romeo Susan-Resiga, Dorin Dehelean, Voicu Safta –  Material flow modelling at friction stir welding procedure 

  • Bogdan Georgescu, Mihaela Iordachescu, Elena Scutelnicu, Valeriu Georgescu –  FEA modelling of the cold welding on cogged surfaces

  • Octavian Mircea Thermal fields and remanent stresses in  numerical modelling and experimental determinated welding joints.

  • Ramona Gabor, Radu Bancila – Stresses modelling at statical and dynamical loading  of the FSW  experimental joints 

  • Mihaela Iordachescu, Elena Scutelnicu, Dan Birsan – Experimental research and FSW modelling

  • Daniel Visan, Dan Birsan – Mathematical modelling of the melted metal bath at vertical welding in electromagnetics forces field

The papers which are presented at the Seminar will be published in Annals of the Dunarea de Jos University from Galati, Fascicle XII, technical journal, range B+ CNCSIS, or communicated at International  ISIM Conference „Innovative Technologies  for joining Advanced  Materials”, June 2007.

The partners of the TIPMAV project were participated in 19.04.2007 at “European Research Programme PC 7 – Opportunities of participation”, organized inside the CEEX 85 project “International visibility increase on research-development activities in the field of innovative technologies for material joining”  and were visited the robotics departments and welding labs of the „Dunarea de Jos” University from Galati, where Mr. Prof.dr.eng. Emil Constantin is prorector of University.

Start up meeting, 26.10.2006

At manifestation were participated  the specialists from ISIM Timisoara, "Politehnica University" of Timisoara, “Dunarea de Jos“ University of Galati, ICTCM Bucharest and some aspects were presented:

  •  Partners presentation

  •  Project presentation in accordance with contract (objectives, realization scheme, partners contributions)

  • Project collaboration rules ( including cnfidentiality and intellectual property rights)

  • Working programme establishment

  • Discussion about first  and second stages contents,  programme for results presentation  and valorification programme

Seminary, 26.10.2006



The seminary was organized by ISIM Timisoara,   when the research programme “INNOVATIVE AND ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES  TO PROCESS ADVANCED MATERIALS BY FRICTION STIR WELDING”, inside of MATNANTECH programme, was started up.

The papers which were presented :

Dr.eng. Jorge Dos Santos – GKSS Research Institute, Geesthacht, Germany : 
Friction stir welding – actual stage of research of world level and new perspectives for development / industrial implementation of FSW”

Dr. eng. Mihaela Iordăchescu – "Dunărea de Jos" University, Galaţi:
”Base concepts of friction stir welding”

Eng. Ramona Gabor – "Politechnica" University of Timişoara, Construction Faculty:
“Friction stir welding application in metal constructions area”

Eng. Radu Cojocaru , Eng. Lia Boţilă – ISIM Timişoara :
“Preoccupation and results of ISIM in FSW area”




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