Development of new and innovative techniques for 
joining heterogeneous materials by 
Friction Stir Welding


The project proposes as a general objective (GO) research and technological development activities of large complexity with applicative character, multidisciplinary, in top edge new methods and technologies for processing advanced materials.

The project develops new knowledge in advanced material processing and creation of top edge technologies with a high degree of innovation to enlarge implementing posibilties of FSW process for high priority applications (aeronautics, air transport, surface transport).

Specific objectives of the project:

O1: development of innovative methods and techniques to join materials with high hardness and heterogeneous, impossible to weld, by assisting FSW process with an external thermal tool;

O2: development of a method to FSW cladding with a consumable tool of steel surfaces to improve functional properties;

O3: modeling joining processes and validation of the experiments;

O4: building the welding system for the experimental program development, optimization of welding process;

O5: development of a complex program to evaluate the quality of welded joints;

O6: optimization of shape, dimensions, moving system of the processing tool for different configurations of joint and types of base materials;

O7: fundamenting technical and economical aspects of potential applications of innovative FSW processing techniques, in top edge industry;

O8: capitalization and dissemination on large scale of the project results.




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