Project manager: conf. dr. eng. Adrian IVAN – “Politehnica” Timişoara University

Project start: 18.09.2007                           Project end: 18.09.2009


  • R&D National Institute for Welding and Material Testing - ISIM Timisoara

  • R&D National Institute for Electrochemistry and Condensate Matter Timisoara


The project establishes a modern technology which allows the enhancement of the durability of the steel structures. Steel structures during exploitations can suffer different damages which can affect the safety in exploitation. Taking into consideration the high costs involved in their replacement with completely new ones it is more and more stressed the need to prolong their exploitation time in perfect safety conditions or if needed, their rehabilitation. The suggested technology begins with complex activities which include the analysis of the structure integrity, monitoring of the structure corrosion, prediction of the degradations due to corrosion phenomena, fatigue, or seismic stress. In this phase the most efficient non‑destructive methods are to be presented, which have to be used at the inspection of the steel structures function to the types of the existing degradations at the steel structures. With the help of these non‑destructive methods one can collect all the information in situ, with effects on the service life time left of the steel structure such as dimension, shape, type and distribution of the defaults, their position, as well as data regarding the current state of the material. Based on the data gathered there will be established ways to intervene in order to prolong the exploiting time by eliminating the effects of the corrosion (by creating compounds with supramolecular structures, stable and protective, with special adherent and strengthen properties on the surface of the metal) and by retrofitting or replacement of the components heavily degraded. The consolidation method will be different and typical for every steel structure. All the data needed for finding the final solution for the enhancement of the service time in complete safety conditions are to be included in a specialized calculus program. This will help to establish the appropriate non‑destructive method required, then to evaluate the current state of the steel structure.


Results of project in progress:

  • Study regarding to NDT Techniques for defect assessment

  • Certificate of Training in “Phast” and “Phast Risk” (Det Norske Veritas Software)

  • Certificate of Training in “Application of Risk Based Inspection for petrochemical industry” (Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research)

Contact person: Eng. Alin Murariu (insp@ism.ro)