Integrated system for risk management at equipments 
and installations from the energetic field


(Activities realized within the framework of the project)


Stage I. Studies and analyses regarding the present in-service inspection and risk management knowledge and practice in the field of energetic equipments (completion date 28.02.2009)
  • Study on risks management at energetic equipments

  • Synthesis study on actual knowledge in in-service inspection field

  • Analyze of existing risk based expert systems at international level

  • Realization of the project’s site for dissemination of the project progress and the results

Stage abstract

Stage II. The elaboration of a functional model of the integrated system for risk management at equipments and installations from the energetic field (completion date 31.10.2009)
  • Establish the degradation mechanisms for power plants components. Preliminary results

  • Organize workshops with the theme: "In-service inspection and risk management on energetic equipment and installations”

Stage abstract

Stage III. The elaboration of the documentation for the integrated system for risk management at equipments and installations from the energetic field (completion date 10.12.2010)
  • Study regarding the concepts of the design of energetic installations and the calculation methods against seismic loadings and fire

  • Study regarding the new technologies destined for a efficient production of electric and thermal energy

  • Conceiving the experimental model of the system. The functional diagram, relations between the components of the system, categories of specific activities

  • Establishing the degradation mechanisms for the components of energetic installations. Final results

  • Systematization of the results and conceiving the structures of the relational databases

  • Realization of the relational databases

  • Elaboration of system and operational procedures

  • Technologies for risk evaluation for the energetic equipments and installations (preliminary edition)

  • Selection of the application, establishing the limitations of the system for which the functional model is to be applied, establishing the main failure mechanisms and constructing failure scenarios 

  • Participation to the technical - scientific events in risk assessment and management on energetic installation and equipment

Stage abstract

Stage IV. Functional model experimentation, verification and validation of integrated risk management system of energy equipments and installations (completion date 30.09.2011

  • Training courses for knowledge developing in the project field
  • Initial data collection: design, fabrication, construction and operation history of equipment, the results obtained from previous inspections, or generic data / equivalent
  • Identify the critical components of power plant
  • Establish inspection program
  • Realization of in-service experimental inspection
  • Multilevel analysis of the risk of failure and the consequences of failure: screening and detailed analysis. Inspection and maintenance program.
  • System validation according to the referential terms contained in documents of the functional model. Validation Report
  • Widely results dissemination through articles in scientifically publications

Stage abstract



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