"Integrated system for determining polymers laser weldability, 
real-time monitoring and control of the laser welding process"


The main objective of this project is to develop, based on a interdisciplinary research, an innovative method to determine the laser weldability of polymeric materials and composites with organic matrix, and to control in real time the welding process in order to significantly increase the quality, performance and efficiency of the industrial applications.

The research will focus, accordingly to partnerís competences, on the following aspects:

  • the possibility to identify a similar optical behavior regarding the laser beam scattering through different complexes heterogeneous polymeric materials

  • finding an equivalent material that will produce the same attenuation and broadening of the laser beam as the real irradiated polymer, thus eliminating the requirement to know with high accuracy of the material optical characteristics;

  • modeling of the welding process , by coupling this optical model with a thermal one, that will allow to compute the thermal field evolution into the irradiated materials;

  • modeling of the process parameters influence on the functional characteristics of the joint;

  • optimization of process parameters analytical and numerical methods and procedures;

  • monitoring and real-time control of the welding process by implementing an integrated system;

  • results dissemination in scientific community and the transfer of the new technology to the economic community.

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