Program:  Research for Excellency

Project manager: Dr. Nicolae Farbas

Project start: 15.09.2005                           Project end: 15.06.2008


  • ISIM Timisoara – project coordinator

  • IFT Iasi

  • ICPCE-CA Bucuresti

  • A.I. Cuza University Iasi

  • Atelierele CFR Grivita Bucuresti

The proposal intends to use the special properties of nanostructure amorphous materials showing giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) effect in order to create an integrated examination technology for security components of rolling stock. It is known the fact that nanostructure materials showing GMI are very sensitive to low intensity magnetic field, a major changing in impedance appears.  The magnetic non-destructive examination of ferromagnetic metals (especially ferritic steels) is based on the magnetic field dispersion outside the metal surface right on structural discontinuities (cracks, inclusions etc.) The presence of this very weak magnetic field can be detected with the new sensor

Based on this new type of sensor applied on rolling stock components (wheel, roll bearings, axles etc.) the design and fabrication of a computer controlled prototype instrument, giving a 2D flows map on the examinated object, is foreseen.

Dedicated to a sectoral application (railway sector) the instrument can be applied in other sectors too because the foreseen sensor can be adapted to any geometrical form of the investigated work piece (flat, profile etc.) and the acquisition and data processing blocks are functionally independent on its form and dimension.

The research is of complex character because the design, fabrication and checking of the prototype needs experts in physics, electronics, hardware, software, fine mechanics, non-destructive examination and others.

The project will be done in the frame of a partnership between ISIM Timisoara, having expertise in material testing including non-destructive examination, IFT Iasi having expertise in nanomaterials and sensors, the University “Al. I. Cuza” Iasi, Physics Department having expertise in magnetism, ICPE CA Bucuresti having expertise in industrial electronics and software and the industrial partner acting in the railway sector – Atelierele CFR Grivita  Bucuresti.

The proposed partnership gives the critical mass for the achievement of the equipment. In the dissemination phase of the project through seminars and workshops a wide information of the economic medium will take place in order to extend the application in other sectors. At the end of the project the technological transfer of the equipment and the technology to the co financing partner will take place.


Results of project in progress:

  • a new generation of array sensors (multiple sensors) using a nanostructure material for application in very weak magnetic field;
  • an original fine mechanical system  for sensor applying / take of and rotation of the component investigated;
  • a computer controlled system of a complex equipment including mechanical actions and data acquisition / processing;
  • a software for control and data processing possible to by used later in other applications


Contact person: dr. Nicolae Farbas (