Stage 3. Analysis and characerization of the deposited layers


Activity 3.1 Design and fabrication of wear testing machine for the obtained materials

                Partner CO: support for equipment components design

                Partner 3: designing and execution of equipment


Activity 3.2 Analysis, investigations and specific tests, micro and macro-structural characterization of the obtained materials

                Partner CO: macroscopic analysis, deposition description

                Partner 1: microscopic analysis, deposition description

                Partner 2: structural investigations of the depositions

                Partner 3: analysis and deposition description for amorphous materials


Activity 3.3 Investigations on the resistance to cavitational erosion of layer-sublayer system

                Partner 1: cavitational erosion tests


Activity 3.4 Modelling of behaviour and interface reaction based on structural polymorphous transformation layer-sublayer

                Partner CO: modelling of micro-layers behaviour

                Partner 1: modelling of interface reaction


Activity 3.5 Phenomenological modelling of structural and submicrostructural modifications

                Partner 3


Activity 3.6 Modelling of process parameters influence on the characteristics of the obtained materials

                Partner CO: mathematic modelling

                Partner 2: modelling by finite element method