INFRATEC national program

Implementation of the technological transfer services in the field of welding 

The project is developed by the Welding Technological Center CENTA –ISIM in the period July 2006 – December 2007 and its target is the development of specific technological transfer services (audit and technological evaluation, surveillance and technological prognosis, technological information, consultancy and technical assistance in implementing innovative technologies).

Services are addressed to SMEs that want to increase their competitiveness by improving their technologies.

Within this project the national network for technological transfer in welding will be developed and will gather the know-how suppliers and beneficiaries from industry. CENTA will create contact points in each region of the country to assure a permanent contact with the firms in the field, to know their technology needs and to solve their problems in the shortest time.

It will also create a databases of applicable technologies resulted from the research activity of institutes and universities in the field of welding, a consultancy group consisting in experienced specialists will be formed, to cover the whole range of issues related to welding and allied processes and the communication – information services of the center will be developed (green phone, web page, discussion forum).

SMEs having activities in the field of welding can take advantage, within this project, of the following services:

  • Consultancy in the field of welding: phone (technologic hotline), electronics (e-mail, discussion forum)

  • Audit/technological assessment

  • Consultancy/technical assistance to solve technological issues and to implement new technologies

  • Technological information by attending seminars/workshops/conferences or publications (BID-ISIM, ISIM-News)

  • Access to information in CENTA’s databases (firms with activity in the field, suppliers of equipment/materials/innovative technologies)

  • Studies on surveillance and technological prognosis

Additional information and enrolment as beneficiary in this project: 
eng Carmen Marian – Chief Executive CENTA - ISIM (