Program:  Research for Excellency

Project manager: Polytechnic University of Bucharest , Valeriu V. JINESCU

Project manager ISIM: Dr.  ENG. Horia Ştefan MATEIU

Project start: 15.10.2005                           Project end: 05.12.2008


  • ISIM Timisoara

  • Petrol-Gase University of Ploiesti

  • University of Bacau

The project’s aim is to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge in obtaining the new mechanical properties of thermo-resistant steels at thermal fatigue and creep testing, the creep crack growth and developing the counter systems for on-line assessment of running safety of mechanical structures. Also, main ISIM’s contribution is obtaining the new mechanical properties of thermo-resistant steels at thermal fatigue and creep testing and the creep crack growth testing on specimen with and without flaws like cracks.  

In spite of the fact that this instrument is dedicated to a power plants application, it can be adapted for other sector like chemical and petrochemical plants.

The research has a complex and a excellency character because the research performing needs specialist coming from plants design, welding technologies, material testing, microscope analysis, and failure analysis and so on, all of them having high professional skills.

The project will be performed into the frame of a partnership between Polytechnic University of Bucharest, who is the Project Manager an is specialized in designing concepts, and ISIM Timisoara who is specialized in welding technologies, material testing, microscope analysis and non-destructive testing, Also, Petrol-Gase University of Ploiesti is specialized in finite element analysis, and fracture mechanics testing, and University of Bacau   who is specialized in analytical modelling of loading. 


Results of project in progress (ISIM’s contribution):

·        Performing researches in thermal fatigue testing, creep testing and tensile testing of thermo-resistant steels 

·        Microscope analysis, failure analysis, and interpretation of mechanical testing results

·        Patents

[1] Mateiu Ştefan Horia: „ Thermo-mechanical fatigue testing equipment”, – Invention Brevet nr. RO 121354 B1, 2006.

·        Design of the mechanical part of the thermal-mechanical testing equipment:

General view of thermal-mechanical fatigue testing equipment.


Contact person: dr.eng. Horia Ştefan MATEIU (