KBS-Weld Project Launch Event in Romania

The National R&D Institute for Welding and Materials Testing - ISIM Timisoara announces organization of the project launch event "Knowledge-Based System for Welded Structures and Technologies", acronym KBS-Weld, developed under the COFUND MANUNET III program.

The event will take place on 31.05.2018, starting on 10:00, in the Conference Room of the PERLA Hotel, 7-9 Protopop George Dragomir street, Timisoara, Romania

Persons interested in participating in this event are kindly asked to fill in and submit the registration form to the following e-mail address: or fax: +40 256 492797, no later than 29.05.2017

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The 9th International Conference

Innovative Technologies for Joining Advanced Materials - TIMA18

Timişoara, November 01-02 , 2018

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BID-ISIM - Welding and Material Testing, 4/2017  >> read


  • Contributions to the development of modern riveting processes
    (L. N. Boţilă; R. Cojocaru; C. Ciucă; V. Verbiţchi; I. A. Perianu)

  • Characterization of surfaces and gases dynamics in HVOF thermal spray systems
    (I.A. Perianu, D. Ionescu)

  • Research regarding behavior simulation when heating metallic materials
    (E. Binchiciu, G.-V. Mnerie, M. Nicolaescu)

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The 12th International Conference

Structural Integrity of Welded Structures - iscs17

November 09-10, 2017, Timisoara - Romania

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The 8th International Conference

Innovative Technologies for Joining 
Advanced Materials - tima16

June 02-03, 2016, Timisoara - Romania

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The 3rd IIW South-East European Welding Congress

Welding and joining technologies for a 
sustainable development and environment

The 3rd IIW South East European Welding Congress was held from 3rd to 5th of June, 2015, at the Regional Business Centre in Timisoara, Romania. 

The congress was organized by the National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing- ISIM Timisoara (Romania) in partnership with the Bulgarian Welding Society (BWS), the Romanian Welding Society (ASR), the Serbian Welding Society (DUZS) and the Welding Institute - Zavod za Zavarivanje (Serbia).

The event was present on the agenda of the South-East European Network for Welding Technological Transfer, a network created with the support of the International Institute for Welding Working Group for Regional Activities.


Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 10th International Conference on

Structural Integrity of Welded Structures - ISCS13

July 11-12, 2013, Timisoara, Romania

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