STAGE 1 / 2015. Term: 11th.12.2015.

Report summary: State of the art.

Deliverable D1 / Obtained results: Report including all the available technologies currently owned by ISIM Timisoara, for the project J-FAST.

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a relatively new and attractive technique to the scientific world, which in recent years has generated high interest among industrial applicators, especially those in the fields of naval, aviation / aerospace and land transport. There are numerous applications that need continuous long lengths welded joints (2 รท 15m). Especially for this reason, real-time monitoring of the FSW welding process is extremely useful.

Worldwide, complex systems are increasingly used that ensure process monitoring by controlling the forces, which develop during the welding process.

Recent research has shown that infrared thermography technique can also be a viable solution for monitoring automated welding processes.

The report presents the concerns and results obtained by the authors in programs on experimental analysis and substantiation of practical opportunities for real-time monitoring of the FSW process, by measuring the electric current consumption of the whole FSW equipment, respectively of the driving modules (actuators or motors).

Report summary

STAGE 2 / 2016. Term: 15th.12.2016.

Report summary: Identification of the objectives and applications. Preliminary tests. Full development of experimental tests and evaluation.

Deliverable D2 / Obtained results: Report regarding the objectives, experiments and applications proposed for the processes FSW and FSSW.

Report summary

STAGE 3 / 2017. Term: 31st .10.2017.

Report summary: Additional processes and verification for functionality. Demonstrator and final tests.

Deliverable D3 / Obtained results: Report regarding the properties of the developed components and the demonstrator.

Report summary.