Delegation of ISIM Timişoara to Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

22nd - 27th of May 2017

Within the program of activities of the project with the title "A rapid joint by alternative processes", with the acronym "J-FAST", of the Manunet Program, a visit was made to the Partners of the Basque Country, Spain, on the 22nd - 27th of May 2017, following the invitation sent by the Partners.

Delegates from the National Research & Development Institute for Welding and Material Testing - ISIM Timisoara were Dr. Eng. Verbiţchi Victor, Project Responsible from ISIM, Partner P4 of the "J-FAST" Project, and Eng. Radu Cojocaru, Head of Section S2 of ISIM, Responsible for the implementation of the project.   More...