Project Identification


Contract No.: 17/2015-2017

Beneficiary/ National Office / Contracting Autority (for the Romanian partners): UEFISCDI Bucuresti


Project name (in English): "A rapid joint by alternative processes". Acronym: J-FAST

Project Name (in Romanian): "O îmbinare rapidă prin procedee alternative". Acronim: J-FAST

Project Abstract

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J-FAST project aims to develop new technologies mainly based on form processes to enhance the unions between dissimilar materials. These unions are very common in industrial sectors such as automotive, power generation or appliances. In the state of the art, form processes have become increasingly important because they reduce the need for further processing (joints without nuts). Besides, they are clean processes that do not need lubricants and do not generate chip. These solutions have been rather scientifically studied than implemented in practice. Within this project, the partners intend to expand these form processes to a number of materials and applications guarantying that the produced parts will be able to match and exceed the performance of conventional elements existing at present. So, the different work packages of the project should lead to new added products on different industrial areas (union of sheets in cars and appliances, plates in electric power generation, etc.)

Project Objectives

The present objective is to obtain a new joint, based on screw without coupling nut, of two galvanized sheet of different material, exceeding in strength characteristics other joints made with conventional techniques (such as conventional drilling, screw-nut joints, etc.). When necessary the hole may require threads that will be machined by tapping, which is also a deformation process.

Estimated Results

ISIM Timisoara will participate in the planning and designing of the experimental model of equipment for friction stir welding (FSW), friction spot stir welding (FSSW), friction drilling and form tapping. These are the alternative processes proposed to obtain a rapid joint, as the aim of the J-FAST project. Based on its own know-how, ISIM Timisoara will carry out experiments and mechanical tests (for strength) over the proposed materials (similar and dissimilar sheets), to elaborate welding technologies for friction stir welding (FSW) and friction spot stir welding (FSSW). The results will be communicated to the Basque partners, for comparison with the process based on friction drilling, form tapping and rotary broaching. The experimental model of the equipment made in the frame of this project will be used by ISIM Timisoara as an industrial demonstrator for dissemination of the mentioned alternative processes and the dedicated equipment, as project results. ISIM Timisoara will also organize a workshop for the dissemination of the project results.


The proiectul J-FAST is accomplished in international cooperation by the following partners:

  1. Company Metal Estalki S.L., Basque Country, Spain (Project Coordinator / Partner P1);
  2. Company Inpromat S.L., Basque Country, Spain (Partner P2);
  3. Company SUSENSA S.L., Basque Country, Spain (Partner P3);
  4. ISIM Timişoara , Romania (Partener P4);
  5. Company Nano Inteliform S.R.L. Timişoara, Romania (Partener P5);
   *University of the Basque Country, Spain (subcontracted by the partners P1, P2 and P3).

Project Responsible (from P4)

Dr. Eng. (PhD) Victor VERBIŢCHI

Function: Scientific researcher 2nd degree

Doctor engineer since: 2006

City: Timisoara

County: Timis County

Phone: +40256-491828

Mobile: 0768188979

Fax: +40256-492797