List of equipments

List of main research equipments

  1. Plasma spray unit with universal thermal spray gun

  2. Metal arc spraying equipment

  3. Plasma cutting machines

  4. Electron beam welding equipment

  5. Laser beam welding and cutting equipment

  6. CMT welding equipment

  7. Micro welding TIG equipment

  8. Water jet cutting machines

  9. Tensile testing machines

  10. Impact test Charpy equipment

  11. Hardness equipments

  12. Creep testing equipments

  13. Polyethylene creep testing equipment

  14. X-ray NDT equipment

  15. Eddy current NDT equipment

  16. UT Phased Array and classical equipments

  17. NDT mobile laboratory

  18. MT equipment (mobile and stationary)

  19. VT equipment (Endoscope

  20. Thermograph camera

  21. Electron microscope

  22. Optical microscope with specimen heating device





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