INFRATECH national program

The Technological Transfer Center in Welding CENTA-ISIM was founded in March 2004 as a financially autonomous body within the National Research and Development Institute for Welding and Material Testing ISIM-Timişoara, based on the Government Decision no. 406/2003.

Starting with 2 November 2005, the Technological Transfer Center in Welding CENTA-ISIM is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research as entity of the Romanian infrastructure for innovation and technological transfer, for 5 years.

CENTA-ISIM operates on the 9th floor of the ISIM premises on a 300 square meter surface. The Center is presently under arrangement and it benefits from financing by the INFRATECH program of the Ministry of Education and Research.

Mission of CENTA-ISIM: to assist the Romanian industry and first of all the SMEs by supporting the technological transfer in the field of welding, so that they become locally and globally competitive.

Object of activity of CENTA-ISIM: to elaborate and implement strategies, measures for technological transfer and innovation in the field of welding, of allied procedures, of material testing and examination, in compliance with the European practice.

Partners of CENTA-ISIM: research institutes, universities, and companies that produce innovation and technology, both in Romania and abroad.

Beneficiaries of CENTA-ISIM: industrial units and first of all SMEs in the field of welding and allied procedures.


·   Access to the data bases that comprise:

                   - results of research, with immediate industrial applicability

                   - companies that operate in the filed

                   - suppliers of innovative technologies in the field

·   Evaluation of the technological level

·   Audit of the technology needs

·   Support in solving requests for technology

·   Facilitation/intermediation of technical services 

·   Assistance during the technological transfer process

·   Professional training through seminars, conferences, workshops

·   Dissemination of technical information by various means: ISIM-News Bulletin, Web site,    technological hot-line

·   Support in accessing the local, national, and international financing sources for technological transfer

·   Studies on marketing, business development

·   Dissemination of information concerning international cooperation programs, financed by the European Union

·   Organization of round tables, seminars, exhibitions, to facilitate contact between industry and research, business meetings

·   Presentations of companies/products/services

·   Elaboration of promoting materials

Partners of CENTA: SLV München, Welding Technology Institute of Australia - WTIA, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade  - ISQ Lisabona , Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara, Universitatea "Aurel Vlaicu" Arad, Universitatea Politehnică Bucureşti, Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" Galaţi, Universitatea Tehnică Craiova.



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