Within ISIM CENTA activates one of the Regional Contact Point of the FP6 European Programme created on national level by the Ministry of Education and Research (MEdC). The responsibilities of the RCP are:


To acquire information on the European Programmes, especially from the National Contact Point FP 6.

To disseminate information on the events regarding the European Programmes and their documents in the region.

To offer support for the National Contact Point for the organisation of promotional events of the European programmes in the region.

To inform the National Contact Point on the potential partners from the region for European Programmes.

To disseminate information on activities regarding the national programmes (including the Structural Funds).

Assistance (counselling)

Assistance for potential partners of the European Programmes: the aim of the European programmes, structure and tools, administrative and contractual procedures, searching of partners, financial planning, project management.

Assistance for the National Contact Point: establishing contacts with potential regional partners interested in European Programmes, increasing the Romanian participation in European programmes (especially of the SMEís), and in the development of project networks. (for example Structural Funds).


Inform the MEdC and the National Contact point FP6 in the important events taking place in the region.

Inform the MEdC and the National Contact point FP6 in any problems regarding the implementation of European projects.

Support and assistance in international co-operation and European integration

The activity area of the Regional Contact Point FP 6 created within ISIM Timisoara is the western region of Romania.

Seeing the close Romaniaís adhesion at the European Union and the EU policy for obtaining a harmonious development of all European regions and a decrease of the regional differences, MEdC will allocate through the Structural Funds a significant capital in order to reduce the competitive differences between the Romaniaís regions.

ŗ      Structural Funds

Documents regarding the allocation of Structural Funds:

-   National Development Programme- Increase of the Economic Competitiveness Ė 25 July version ( only Romanian version )

-   EU strategic lines regarding cohesion

-   Summary project proposal form (template) ( only Romanian version )

-   Annex to the summary form ( only Romanian version )

If you are interested in realising projects financed by Structural Funds, send the above mentioned forms, until 30 November 2005 on the address:



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